Interview Training & Coaching Service

Need help with your upcoming job interview?

Our recommended Interview Coach is a qualified career counsellor and career consultant with more than 10 years of experience helping people to prepare to perform at their very best on interview day. Interview training is her favourite part of career counselling and her programme is customised to your specific career goals.

Whether you are seeking a promotion or a lateral move, the positive experience of working with this interview coach will leave you upbeat and enthusiastic about tackling the challenges ahead!

  • Consultation to determine your specific needs.
  • Customised interview questions and interview training sessions.
  • Mock video interviews, including competency-based, via Skype.
  • Discussions about special circumstances, such as redundancy.
  • Job search coaching also available.
  • Career counselling also available.
  • Expertise working with the over 50s.

Contact Details for the Interview Trainer

Our recommended interview trainer and coach will send you further details by email. If you include phone number/Skype ID, she will also call you and set up a time for a no-obligation chat about how she can help you.

  • E-mail with the subject line “Interview Coaching” to