LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

for Professionals & Graduates

Need a CV writer who understands how to write your profile?

Our recommended LinkedIn profile writers have experience writing profiles for professionals in various professions, including graduates, managers, senior executives, and entrepreneurs.

Whether you are job hunting or not, if you haven’t joined LinkedIn and created an enticing profile, you are missing out on opportunities.

As a member of LinkedIn, you are in the company of 120 million users. Are you getting what you want from your profile?

  • recognition as an expert in your field?
  • exposure as a job candidate?
  • social network expansion?

To develop a strong social network of professional people and tap into LinkedIn’s excellent resource for professional information, you need to join and then create a profile that reflects your unique brand, increases your visibility to other professionals, and attracts valuable connections. The privacy settings allow you to determine what information is available to the public.

If you want to write your own LinkedIn profile, see ‘Resources’ below for ideas.

However, if you need help with writing your LinkedIn profile, contact us to set up an appointment. Let the writer know if you also need a profile created for Xing,  About.meVisual CV, and/or

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  • Email: and let us know your target job.
  • Tip: Attach your existing CV and/or include your telephone number in your email if you would like a LinkedIn profile writer to call you.


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