Customise Your LinkedIn URL

By default, LinkedIn assigns you a URL that comprises random numbers and letters, but you can create a unique URL that looks more professional.

Customise your URL on your profile page. At the top right of the page,

  • click on “Edit Public Profile & URL.”
  • click on that link, which takes you to “Public Profile Settings.”
  • click the blue pencil under the “Edit Your Custom URL.” which is found in the upper right-hand corner.

All LinkedIn website addresses begin with

You can use from three to 100 letters or numbers to create your custom URL. Note that spaces, symbols, or special characters are not allowed.

Include your name in your profile URL. If your name has already been taken – you will be prompted to select another – consider adding an initial, or an industry-related keyword. For instance, “JohnMcleanSecurity”.

An easy-to-read website address increases the chance of people being able to remember and find you on LinkedIn. It also looks better when you use it as part of your stationery, custom signature link on your blog, Facebook page, and email signature.