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Top tips for breaking into the charity sector

Tired of the daily grind? Want something new, exciting, challenging and rewarding? Do you want to actually feel you are making a difference? A switch of positions into the charity sector can be even more fruitful than you may have imagined, but don’t be fooled, competition is fierce, even for the best voluntary jobs. You [...]

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How to Land the Job You Want

The economy is steadily improving, but the competition for employment remains fierce. People hoping to land their dream position must put their best foot forward when submitting applications and interacting with prospective employers. If you’re currently in the market for employment, here are some tips that may help. Draft a Solid Resume While there are [...]

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Get Your CV Discovered Online

4 Suggestions To Get Your CV or Resume Discovered Online Though government statistics and media will continue telling us that unemployment in the USA is around 8 percent*, the real number is actually closer to 22 percent. As a result, the job market is more competitive than ever. Recruiters are getting hundreds of resumes and [...]

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Jobs that Never Existed 15 Years Ago

Job titles have remained relatively consistent, but due to advancements in technology, the internet, and other evolutions of society, new job titles have popped up in the last decade. Some are due to societal changes and others because of worldly shifts in business or increased social responsibility. Regardless of the variable that may cause a new [...]

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