4 Suggestions To Get Your CV or Resume Discovered Online

Though government statistics and media will continue telling us that unemployment in the USA is around 8 percent*, the real number is actually closer to 22 percent. As a result, the job market is more competitive than ever. Recruiters are getting hundreds of resumes and CVs for each job posted, most of which are tossed into the round file immediately. Your resume must immediately catch the eye of recruiters and human resources personnel for you to have any chance at landing an interview. The traditional methods of simply listing your previous employers, educational background, and e-mailing the resume, are no longer enough to advance to the next step in landing your dream job.

Video Resume

A new and clever way to impress recruiters is to ditch the paper document altogether and create a short introductory video about yourself. A video resume is especially effective when the position you seek requires personality, such as a public relations job. You should wear business professional attire and speak about your work experience and goals in a natural way. Recruiters will be able to tell if you’re reading, so its best to just speak off the top of your head and film several takes before settling on the final product. Your video can be posted on Youtube and the link sent to potential employers.

Infographic Resume

A resume can’t only inform a potential employer of your experience and education, but can put on display your creativity and imagination. An infographic resume can include timelines, graphs and other colourful visuals that are sure to make it stand out from the rest. Companies that are resource management conscious could make you a higher priority because they determine you have additional skills and could cross-train in other departments. A versatile candidate is an attractive one, especially with companies downsizing and eliminating dead weight.

New Job, New CV!

Nobody particularly likes writing a resume. But in today’s market, job-specific resumes can give you an upper hand over the other applicants who used a one-size-fits-all document. After reading the job description and requirements, find the company’s website and read their mission statement and “about us” section. You can find buzzwords about the company here and include them in your resume. This will let recruiters know you’ve done your homework and will make you sound like someone who really wants to work for them.


A typical day of job searching generally includes reading through Craigslist and help wanted ads, then emailing your resume to those you think would be a good fit. But optimising your resume so recruiters can find you will make your search that much easier. There are several methods, besides posting your resume on Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com, that can bring employers to you. Stumbleupon.com has a “pay-per-click” service called Paid Discovery that can help bring employers to you using the site’s 25 million registered users. Video resumes on Youtube should include relevant keywords, specifically your name and descriptive, searchable terms regarding your skill set. A tweet stating your desire to find employment, along with trending relevant hash tags, is another way to bring recruiters to you.

* http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterferrara/2012/10/11/obamas-real-unemployment-rate-is-14-7-and-a-recessions-on-the-way/