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Transform a Responsibility into an Achievement

Although not every duty/responsibility can be transformed into an achievement, it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions: How can I elaborate on how well I performed this duty/responsibility by adding action verbs, adverbs, adjectives, or statistics? In what ways did I do this more efficiently, quicker, or better in other ways than anyone [...]

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Career Starter CV Tips

What to put in your CV when starting your career Whether you are looking for an accounting job or one in the service industry, you will notice that employers are often looking for people with relevant experience. If you are a career starter who is without experience, you will wonder how you can you get [...]

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CV writing tips for the UK and Ireland

Writing a CV for the UK or Ireland If you are writing a CV for a position in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, here are a few tips: Name and Contact Details: Clearly state your name, postal address, telephone number (either mobile/cell or landline), and email address at the top [...]

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