What to put in your CV when starting your career

Whether you are looking for an accounting job or one in the service industry, you will notice that employers are often looking for people with relevant experience. If you are a career starter who is without experience, you will wonder how you can you get experience if no one will hire you in the first place. This scenario has always been a struggle for career starters and it is especially worrying in this economic climate. However, there are some things you can do to make your CV more appealing to employers even if you don’t have any work experience. Here are a few things you can emphasise:


Your education is truly important to any employer. Employers understand that those coming directly from school won’t have much practical experience, so they will look for outstanding academic achievement that demonstrates your intelligence and motivation to work hard. Put your education section in the top half of the first page of your CV and showcase your good grades and any other major achievements.

Sports and other extra-curricular activities

Non-academic pursuits can be highly relevant. If you were captain of a school sports team, this leadership-related role shows employers that you are trustworthy, motivated, and achievement-orientated. If this sport interests your potential boss, mentioning it in your CV will be a great ice-breaker during the interview.

A captivating cover letter

You may not have a lot of experience, but you can still writing an amazing cover letter. Acknowledge your lack of experience, but focus on your passion and demonstrate that you truly want to fill the role advertised. Write about how the position fits into your career goals and emphasise that succeeding in the role is important to you. Make a positive impression on whoever reads it.

When creating your CV for job applications, be sure to emphasise your education and outside activities in a way that demonstrates your skills and maturity. Even if you don’t have ‘work’ experience, you can discuss other relevant experience in your CV.