Should you continue your job search throughout December? Yes!

Employers hire people in every month of the year. In December and January, they may be hiring for positions that are newly funded in the new calendar year. Don’t postpone your job search until January!

During the holidays, take advantage of the networking opportunities by accepting invitations to company parties, social gatherings, and end-of-the-year professional association events to re-connect with friends and colleagues. Send greeting cards – paper or electronic – to former colleagues and bosses, people from school, college, and university, as well as neighbours and other acquaintances.

Volunteering opportunities abound during the holidays, and as well as doing good deeds that can be added to your LinkedIn profile, you can also meet new people and build your real life social network.

Even if you are taking a holiday from job hunting during the holidays, don’t forget to check your email and voicemail regularly and answer your phone professionally – it could be a recruiter or hiring manager trying to reach you for an interview!