Keep in mind that your CV or resume is the documentation of your career achievements, as well as your life accomplishments. However, it is not your full autobiography. Maximise the number of potential employers that call you to a job interview by focusing on their needs.

    • Write your CV with the future in mind. Don’t dwell on past accomplishments that are not relevant.
    • Focus on what the employer will want you to accomplish for them.
    • Find out what they need from an employee by researching the company and the target job.
    • Match your skills and experience to the company’s organisational culture and job criteria.
    • Re-enforce the match between them and you in a profile section.
    • Elaborate on this in your work experience sections – the more recent and relevant, the better.

If your cover letter and CV reflect their needs, you are likely to be interviewed, which is the objective of these job hunting documents. Read more about how to write your cover letter.