Living the contracting life can be a high speed roller coaster in one moment and a veritable snore fest the next. You can make the most out of the lulls in your work to develop yourself and become a more attractive candidate for your next period of work. Additionally, making money while you have some time on your hands is an added bonus to the benefits of working on a schedule you design yourself. Read on below for some ways you can build your portfolio or work, and embark on some spectacular entrepreneurial adventures.

Use Amway to Get Your Entrepreneurial Juices Flowing

You don’t have to view your time in between positions or job opportunities as time wasted. Instead, invest time into organisations like Amway, where you can start to learn the ropes of running your own business without the hassle of having to fund your enterprise from scratch. By joining Amway, you can participate in markets dealing with home goods, personal care, nutrition and beauty. Check out the company’s website to get your very own business started.

Try out Airbnb

Do you enjoy traveling? Chances are you’ve already heard of Airbnb, a site dedicated to helping you rent unique places across the globe. But have you considered becoming a host to wandering souls yourself? You can earn a pretty penny simply by opening up your home to weary travelers and those looking for a warm place to stay. You can even continue to live in your apartment, flat or house by choosing to rent out just a portion of your space. Check out to get started on this route.

Advertise Your Skills With Bizzby

If renting out your home to strangers doesn’t float your boat, advertise your skills as a writer, photographer, gardener or other service. Bizzby offers you an established customer base from which clients can select you for their next service need. By choosing to partner with Bizzby, you can benefit from the brand of the company and use its app to generate new clients for you. Who knows, perhaps you might make a connection that can push your career beyond what you could have imagined. Check out to figure out if this is a good option for you.

Connect With Potential Customers on Fiverr

Fiverr offers a booming marketplace of services provided at unbeatable prices. Browse through a variety of services ranging from graphics, design, programming and marketing. Like Bizzby, Fiverr helps you connect with a customer base that is looking for the skills you have. Joining the site is easy, and being a part of multiple ecosystems of information is useful in getting your name out there so others can see the wonderful things you can do. Also, making a little extra dosh doesn’t hurt either. Check out for more information.

When you really get down to it, the possibilities for your growth and success beyond what you already do are endless. So get out there, try something new and you just might find your calling somewhere you may not have previously imagined.