Job hunting is never fun, especially in times such as this.

You may be able to find a job in London, but if you live in one of the UK’s smaller towns then finding anything better than waiting tables or bar work can be a complete nightmare. Recruitment companies have seen applications almost treble in the last year while the number of actual jobs has shrunk by a factor even higher.

Things to think about:

(1) Adapt your CV to the job – highlight relevant aspects according to the job specifications instead of using a generic format for every application. There is no way that two different jobs you are applying to will have exactly the same CV that works best for both.

If one is an admin job and one is managerial, for each one you want to use the most relevant experience you have. Perhaps working for 100 hours a week updating a hospital database wouldn’t impress in a manager position, but being captain of the football team might. It is all relative. Pick and choose.

(2) Your basic details need to be totally correct. Give your full name, address (term time and home with dates, if applicable), and a telephone number with an answering machine or voice mail.

(3) You also want to highlight your academic achievements, but be selective. Don’t include negativity or failures – point out the areas in which you have done well!

(4) You also want it to be short and snappy. No more than two pages of A4. The people interviewing you have hundreds of applications, and they don’t want – or need – to trudge through an essay.

(5) Be truthful. If you lie, at one stage or another you will get caught out; whether that be at interview or beforehand. Tell the truth and let your real qualities shine through.