In a survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), 71% of recruiters admitted to screening out a candidate because of their interests or hobbies.

Should you include an Interests & Hobbies section?


For an infinite number of reasons, your interests could be used as a reason to screen you out. In a survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), 71% of recruiters admitted to doing just this.

If your interests are taking up space that could be used to tell the reader about your accomplishments, ditch the hobbies and add more achievements.


Your interests and hobbies can tell the reader a lot about your personality and character. If your specific personality or character type is a criterion for the job and/or if the reader shares your interests, putting your interests on your CV could tip the balance.

Tips on how to write up your Interests/Hobbies section:

  • Ask yourself how this information is related to the job.Does it demonstrate your leadership abilities?
  • Does it demonstrate other skills that are relevant?
  • Does it show that you have the right personality or character for this type of job?
  • Consider teams on which you have played (to imply you are a competitor, understand the importance of teamwork; and know what it takes to win), clubs you are a member of (as possible venues to conduct business or to network), prizes/awards/cups you have won, and/or other information that reveals your character.
  • Keep the section short, but clearly indicate why the information is relevant.For example, for a job that requires a high level of physical fitness, try, “Interests: Working out at the gym and running marathons for charity.