Imagine the possibilities …

It doesn’t matter where you are looking for creative jobs, your application can stand out from the crowd.

The latest technology and tough competition means that innovative applications are on the rise. A traditional CV created with Microsoft Word works for most applications, but new infographic CVs and video applications could be your ticket to a creative job.

The video application

You may be called for a telephone interview, or more likely these days, a video conference call via Skype.

If appearing on the screen makes you nervous, a face-to-face customer contact position may not be for you at the moment. If you are keen to show yourself at your client-ready best, show your presentation skills and relationship skills during your interview. Be proactive – create a video CV that is part of your application and this will give you the opportunity to showcase your personality.

To create a professional-style video application, you need a camcorder, basic editing software and a well-written script. Get inspiration on best practice, as well as how not to do it from YouTube.

The Graphic Design CV – for any occupation

Stand out from the crowd with a professionally designed .pdf CV that really stands out from the crowd.

The infographic CV

The infographic CV is popular with designers and digital creatives. It, is a visual representation of your life, career, education, and achievements. If design work is your goal, you can create one that fits your personality and career goals. Check out for some ideas and have a look at this excellent example of an infographic about weird interview questions.

The on-line interview

After your impressive CV has done its job, the interview phase is next. Get a Skype account and be familiar with its functions. You may need to use it for an interview. Practice with family and friends and get their honest opinion about how you come across via this technology. Better yet, if you can watch your ‘interview’ with them back, you can make improvements. Get comfortable with this technology and use it to your advantage.

Dress up your CV

What is your profession or occupation? Does a CV created with textiles suit your goals? Does cartoon animation suit your style? Be creative, if it works for you.

Even if it suits you, remember that you are creating a document for someone else – an employer. This is your audience. Perform for them.