To say the current job market is rough is an understatement. It’s ruthless and may seem downright hopeless at times. Finding and landing employment in the modern age calls for modern technology. Here are some of the best tech tools available that can help you gain an edge in the hunt for employment:

Let’s start with the basics. Register on a job listing site. Indeed is one of the best and has over a billion new job searches each month, which has earned it the casual title of “the Google of job searching.” On Indeed, you search for jobs near you, post your CV or resume and apply to opportunities pulled from many different job listing sites and job boards. The site is also continuously monitored to prevent duplicate postings and spam, which saves you valuable time.

This membership site provides you with career expert coaching and screens its contributors to make sure each one meets the criteria for being of use to you. These experts offer information, resources, tools and advice on obtaining and developing your career. It also uses modern tech to enable members to attend live webinars and view video tutorials.

iPQ Career Planner

The job market can make you feel lost and uncertain. If you feel like you may be barking up the wrong job tree, the iPQ Career Planner app may be able to help. The site first assesses your strengths and weaknesses based on your responses to an in-depth questionnaire, and then makes recommendations for the most appropriate career choices based on your results. After determining the best-fitting career for you, this app helps you find employment in that field by helping you improving upon your weakness and directing you toward matching jobs.

HTC One M9

In today’s job market, you can’t afford not to be connected, and employers expect to be able to contact you anywhere and at any time. This means you need a smartphone just to compete, and certain models and plans are more suited to your job-seeking needs than others. Phones like the HTC One M9 that have a reliable connection and fast service are great for those seeking employment. Most optimally, the M9 comes with an Uh Oh Protection warranty that covers accidents like a cracked screen and water damage. This plan lets you replace your phone at no extra charge within the first year of ownership, which is great for avoiding an additional expense during a time of unemployment and limited funds.

Pocket Resume

Another helpful app to add to your arsenal is Pocket Resume. With this app, you can create professionally-formatted CVs or resumes on your smartphone. It includes a PDF rendering program so you don’t have to design the layout or mess with converting the file. After you are finished composing your CV or resume, it can be saved and sent directly from your mobile device. It streamlines the process for when you are applying for multiple jobs, and it lets you modify and update on the go.

Prep Questions

After you score an interview, this app can help you prepare for it. It asks you frequently-used interview questions and gives you optimal answers through virtual flash cards. You can customize your question bank by eliminating those that you have a good understanding of and grouping those that you still want to work on. It’s great for building confidence, which may give you that little extra magic during the interview.

With the tight competition and limited amount of available jobs today, you need all the help you can get when you enter the job market battlefield. Luckily, there is tech to help you on this daunting journey. Good luck!