We’ve all heard the old adage ‘smile and the world smiles back at you’ and it’s quite true. I once knew of a man who went to a job interview and from the moment he got out of the car in the large parking lot in front of a multi-story large building, he had a smile on his face and the right attitude.

As he was going inside, a rather unassuming older man was carrying several boxes inside. He stopped and helped him carry the boxes inside to his destination and went on to his interview as normal.

As it turns out, the old man was the founder of the company and walked into the interview when it was completed. He asked the interviewer a couple of questions away from ear shot and came over and shook the man’s hand, welcoming him to the company.

The moral here is that he had a smile on his face, which is contagious and helped someone else, which showed character. He later found out that he was one of 4 or 5 people who were ultra-qualified for the job as well, but he made an impression not with his skills but with his attitude.

Tips That Can Help You Advance Your Career

1. If you’re not 15 minutes early you’re late is what my dad would always say whenever we or he had to be anywhere. The tip here is no one really likes it when you’re the one who’s late more than anyone else, so be the one who’s always early instead. This makes an impression to everyone around you and demonstrates both that you actually care and are possibly ready leadership.

2. Leave your troubles at home. Do not ever complain about the weather or how long it’s taking in a meeting or that you even have to be in yet another meeting in the first place. No one likes someone who complains all the time. You’ll get to be known as an office whiner and you’ll attract other whiners who are also going nowhere fast.

3. Practice being first. Everyone loves a winner. So your strategy here is to always be first in everything you do. If you and 3 other people are given similar tasks, complete yours first. If you need to line up to go into a meeting area, be the first one in line and sit at the front, not the back.

When there are new projects that require additional personnel, be first to step up and lend a hand or offer your services. Bosses and managers are looking for people who will get the job done and either make them look good or make them money. It’s just life – if you make your boss look good he’s going to help you up the ladder. Remember that job search engines are constantly being combed by people who would love to replace you and that you’re either moving up or down – there is no stasis.

4. Take the lead. Whenever there is a leadership role in a new project, take it. Then, turn the project into gold so to speak. Make sure that you get everything done on time and if there is a budget, be under it. Even if the projects budget is only $5,000 or something small, come in at even just $100 under budget so that when asked, you or your manager can say “yes, on time and under budget”. Trust me, owners of companies love to hear those words.